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People Who Have Inspired Me and that I Look up to! :)



Tue Sep 9, 2014, 9:40 AM

I was actually tagged in something! Thanks again for thinking of me, NezumiNom !!!:la:

This is so exciting! I will do my best to answer these questions!!!!:D

1. What is it that you love about vore/gt? Go on, ramble to your heart's content ^^
-What do I love about vore/gt? Well, I would have to say that complete dominance is the first thing that comes to mind. The prey is at the pred's absolute mercy and can easily be injured or killed by the pred if they aren't careful enough. 

2. If you are an artist/author, what's the hardest part of creating a work? (If not, what do you think the hardest part would be?)
-Hmm….as an artist I would have to say that figuring out the composition is the most difficult aspect of creating a piece, especially with a gt or vore related one. The size differences and the angles and perspectives can be a bit challenging at times! 

3. What is your all-time favorite anime/show/manga/fandom? C'mon, we've all got one fandom to rule them all. Go ahead and brag about what's best about it!
-THIS IS A VERY HARD QUESTION! Even though it's not an anime or manga, I AM CURRENTLY OBSESSED with How to Train Your Dragon! I especially like to imagine Hiccup as a pred and Astrid as the prey. They would make such an adorable macro/micro pair! Especially since Hiccup is probably used to Astrid being the dominate one most of the time. He could finally have a chance to assert his dominance over her and maybe even play with her a bit ;P

4. What's your orientation/gender identity? (Ie, are you bi, pan, ace, and are you male/trans/fluid? Just curious, lol).
-I am a straight female ^^

5. Fanfics: do you like them, or hate them? What's the best one you've read?
-I used to read fanfics pretty consistently, but stopped for a while. I have recently picked it up again and of course it's HTTYD related! Currently, my favorite story is a series called "Growing Up Haddock" that is about Hiccup and Astrid getting married and having two beautiful twins named Finn and Adrianna. It focuses on the children growing up as well as Hiccup and Astrid dealing with relationship problems, loss, and raising their two children! I absolutely love it and it is so well written! Here's a link to the first chapter: HERE

6. What do you like about yourself? No really, you all seem like pretty great people, don't deny it! Be positive :3
-Hmm….I guess I would have to say my innate ability to be empathic and considerate towards others. I like to take the time to help my friends whenever and however I can! 

7. How do you manage your time? Scheduled, or more work with the flow? Procrastination or planning? (If you've got a solution to planning things out right, you know you're obligated to share, lol). 
-Hmm…well, I used to be very "by the book" and planned everything out to the last detail, but as I have gotten older, I have learned to keep a "loose" schedule that allows plans to change or be rearranged. That way, I don't get as stressed out when something doesn't work out~ 

8. How's your day been so far? Rough time, hectic, laidback, fun? Make some time for some relaxation, my friends, even if it means answering a bunch of lame questions.
-It's been rather uneventful so far, but I will probably be doing some cleaning and will possibly be going out later ^^ And your questions aren't lame at all! This is quite fun! ^^

9. I'm running out of ideas for questions. Anyone here ever play Alpaca Evolution? You eat other alpacas and evolve into hilarious monstrosities and then become a god.
-Haha, I can't say that I have but it sure sounds interesting! xD

10. This is the last question! I dunno, write something pretty or tell us something about you we don't know yet~ Fun fact time! Can be about vore, g/t, life, fandoms, anything. Get creative~
-I always had a strange feelings or idiosyncrasies towards the mouth, eating, tiny people, etc. when I was a child, but never understood it. I used to play gams with my best friend that required us to hide in between mattresses or a sleeping bag and pretend that we were in a sandwich that was about to be eaten. I also remember this one time that I created a huge fort that was supposed to be the digestive system. I marveled at movies like the Borrowers or Honey We Shrunk the Kids and began to feel a strange arousal that I still couldn't understand. As I got older and got my hands on a computer and eventually my first laptop, I somehow managed to come across "vore" and read more into it and discovered that it was almost exactly what I liked and then found out that there were more people like me out there! It was such a relief because I used to get so frustrated about feeling the way that I did and at the time, I had absolutely no one to talk to about it! But look at me now, getting tagged by a friend that gets it and even talking about this right now! It's crazy how time has passed and I've learned so much from you guys on here and on Eka's!!!!!!:heart:

This was actually really fun!!! Maybe I will tag some of you guys in something that I come up with!!! ^^


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